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Yes, Tortoises are laying eggs!!! (April 25th, 1998)


Starying about ten or so days ago, tortoises starting laying eggs. My pen found 3 eggs so far(April 25)! That's was great! Taking care of tortoises ourself and we will have babies! We incubated them this way:

(1) We put soft sand inside the pen

(2) We dug hole deep enough so the tortoises will not step on it. Also, the crows will not be able to steal it.

(3) We marked the spots with pieces of wood.

(4) We covered the area up so we know we shouldn't step on there.


Some of the problems we are having now is that we don't know where the eggs are. So, we might just get into the pen and step on the eggs! So, we are trying not to go into the pen as much as possible and trying to be careful when walking inside the pen.


We found eggs in various places. Some tortoises dug and layed eggs there. And some didn't even bother - just layed them inside the basket which you can see if you go to the first page.


That's about it and we hope we get a lot of suggestions on how to help the tortoises lay eggs safely and how you can help them do that. If you are familiar with tortoise breeding or are a tortoise expert, please email me.